28 October, 2009

The Hunting Begins in Dahomey

An American Safari:

Sibley leads the vehicles in to a series of ravines where his instincts tell him there'll be good hunting. With him is a Lanchester armoured car, surely it'll be of use against these brutish beasts?

American armoured car drives through broken ground

Hearing sound nearby, but unable to get a good look because of the difficult terrain, Torres leaves his touring car behind in search of the tall Iguanadons.

Torres leaves his touring car behind in search of the Iguanadons

They spot a pair of armoured dinosaurs in the distance, moving silently across a gap in the ravine.

American spot Edmontons in distance

Heading to the right of a large copse of trees, the armoured car encounters a fierce opponent, the Tyrannosaur which surges out of the high grass towards it.

Tyrannosaur surges out of high grass towards armoured car

Torres and Sibley, moving towards the Edmontons on foot avoid a terrifying-looking entangling plant.

Torres and Sibley avoid entanglement

Behind them, jumping out of his truck, Shearer stumbles upon what look like the remains of Dr. Gaspard de Chateaubriant! (or at least someone with his sword)

Shearer stumbles upon remains of Gaspard de Chateaubriant

A herd of mixed Edmontons and Iguanadons move along the ridge line, hidden from danger for the moment.

Dinosaurs quietly move along ridge

A Triceratops, previously unnoticed by any of the adventurers [literally not noticed by the adventurer player at that side of the board!] storms out of the forest having contemplating ramming the armoured car in the side, but instead running for the ravine.

Triceratops exits forest away from armoured car

The Tyrannosaur attacks Porter, knocking him to the ground and leaving him concussed and defenceless. Miraculously the Tyrannosaur leaves him alone and moves around the rocky ground to consider the armoured car.

Tyrannosaur attacks Porter, knocking him unconscious

Torres scrambles across the ridge to discover the herd of dinosaurs creeping along.

Torres scrambles across ridge to discover herd of dinosaurs

The Tyrannosaur charges towards the armoured car, and shudders into it. Trying to bite off the turret doesn't work out so well, taking a belt of machine gun ammo in the throat.

Tyrannosaur torn apart as it attempts to bite off turret

Meanwhile the Triceratops ambles up the valley floor, despite rifle fire and eventually scampers to safety.

Triceratops ambles up valley despite shooting

Seeing its dead pack mate, the second Tyrannosaur leaps over the rocks but is grievously wounded as it crosses the open ground.

Second Tyrranosaur grievously wounded as it charges across open ground

The Americans have taken up position on top of the ridgeline and take the Iguanadon down as well.

American snipe from top of ridge bringing down Iguanadon

The Americans have taken an Iguanadon and two Tyrannosaurs today. A fine day of hunting!

British Easter Egg Hunt:

Having spotted a series of nests in the badlands, Aylward leads a column with some trusty native porters to attempt to bring back some valuable dinosaur eggs.

Aylward leads column past muddy flats

Raptors have spotted the column approaching and lie in wait amongst the tall grasses.

Raptors lie in wait amongst grasses

Bailey rides ahead to investigate uneasily, not trusted in his heavy-duty revolver to bring down much of anything.

Bailey rides ahead to investigate

MacLeod's reliable Lee Enfield shoots down the Raptors like rabid dogs.

MacLeod shoots Raptors down

Aylward and MacLeod surround second a second group of Raptors, destroying them without too much trouble while Bailey tries to deal with Pterodactyl

Aylward and MacLeod surround second group of Raptors while Bailey tries to deal with Pterodactyl

The Pterodactyl circles around and shockingly bites Aylward's head clean off.

Pterodactyl bites Aylward's head off

The column on foot continues after seeing off the Pterodactyl up to a high column which holds a nest full of Pterodactyl eggs. The group is beset by even more Raptors and a second Pterodactyl swoops in. The group is decimated.

Group on foot beset by even more Raptors and a second Pterodactyl swoops in

Trusty native porters recover the Pterodactyl eggs having killed the last remaining beasts with their tent poles and make way back to camp, surely to get a extra large bag of shiny beads and a few feet of copper wire for their trouble.

Trust Native Porters make way back to camp

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