27 January, 2010

British Forces in Afghanistan

I'm running a series of Force on Force games (by Ambush Alley) at Warpcon this weekend. They'll cover Operation Mutay in Helmand province, and while I'm finishing off painting the buildings for this I thought I'd show you the forces that will be involved

The British are first, I didn't take an all encompassing shot of the entire force, but you'll get the idea.

Weapons team in support with GPMG and Javelin

Weapons Team

UAV control team, with UAV overhead

UAV Team

1st Section moving across open ground

1st Section

1st Fire Team, 2nd Section moves around building

1st Fire Team, 2nd Section

Sniper team sets up on roof

Sniper Team

2nd Fire team, 2nd Section moves along wall

2nd Fire team, 2nd Section

WMIK and Warrior patrolling

Vehicle Patrol

Trusty news team

News Team

The opposition to follow later...


  1. UAV is from Britannia's 20mm Afghanistan range

  2. did you post somewhere a painting tutorial for your brits in afghanistan.? they look very cool.

    1. Unfortunately for you, I didn't paint these guys.
      But check out this tutorial over on The Guild by Piers


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