28 January, 2010

Taliban Gather in Now Zad

Taliban forces gather to oppose the British operation in Now Zad

1st Group of Tier-One Taliban, led by Omar Marwat, and aided by his uncle Tolwak (armed with his trusty Lee Enfield!)

1st Group

2nd Group of Taliban move carefully around a house

2nd Group

3rd Group of Taliban take up position on a rooftop

3rd Group

4th Group of Taliban rush out of a gully

4th Group

81mm Mortar zeroes in


Heavy Machine Gun takes aim

Heavy Machine Gun

Sniper shooting from covered position


Spotter calls in mortar fire


1st Group of local Taliban scurry past poppy field

5th Group

2nd Group of local Taliban charge out of cover

6th Group

Technical covers Taliban from hillside


Taliban leadership oversee efforts. Zmaray and his lieutenant Lakhar are on the most-wanted list.


Did a bit more work on the buildings and walls last night, so I should be able to finish them off tonight


  1. Everything looks really good. well painted!

  2. These look really good mate, which series are they from ?

  3. Sorry I didn't get to this until now - just back from holidays
    These are from Britannia's 20mm range


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