01 February, 2010

The Ambush

3 Para is tasked to secure a compound on the eastern outskirts of Now Zad, believed to be a weapons dump, a possible bomb factory and a safehouse for Taliban commanders.
10 Platoon of the Gurkhas would establish an outer cordon.

As the small Gurkha convoy passes through the small village of Aliz'ay a local Taliban force ambushes them from the village and from the wadi on the other side

Ambush is laid

Taliban lurk in ravine, it is from here that the majority of Talilban reinforcements will come

Taliban lurk in ravine

The British column, a Warrior IFV (with a section of seven aboard) and a Land Rover WMIK advance past poppy fields, unsuspecting...

British column

With Taliban spotted following a parralel course across the poppy fields, the WMIK cuts off the retreating squad and hammers them with some support from the Warrior

WMIK cuts off retreating Taliban

The section dismounts and takes cover, feeling like they've been pushing their luck inside the Warrior with RPGs around

Section dismounts and takes cover

The British section clears the first compound, pinning several Taliban groups who've reacted to their presence

British section clears first compound

British trade fire with .50 cal in trees. Having killed most the the crew the Taliban heavy weapon withdrew into the grove and stayed there until the Warrior was engaged elsewhere

British trade fire with .50 cal in trees

British begin to take casualties as the Warrior struggles to keep tabs on the various threats. The WMIK is hit by an IED as it turns away from the Taliban groups in the ravine. The crew bail out when their main weapon is destroyed

British start to take casualties and WMIK turns around

Newly arrived Taliban anti-Tank team takes aim at the rear of the Warrior. The British wounded aboard have a lucky escape as the heavy RPG round goes PING!

Anti-Tank team takes aim

With the British section aboard (minus their two KIAs) and the WMIK crew scurrying for their lives back the way they came and Warrior backs up

Warrior covers retreat

It takes a detour to put paid to the last RPG firer which would threaten the retreat with almost fatal results for it

Warrior dissuades pursuit

We actually played this twice, early in the morning I played the British and made it through the mission without a single casualty *for shame* though Gar came back for more and the second game between him and Fatz was considerably closer)


  1. Good show! The setup looks lovely.

  2. Good stuff! Is this Force on Force or Ambush Valley or something else entirely?

  3. Technically I was running it as a Force on Force game, but owing a lot to Ambush Alley

  4. Thanks for the games. I had fun, of a sort!


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