02 February, 2010

Hot Reception

As the Gurkhas draw a cordon around any possible escape, A Company of 3 Para is landed by Chinook on the outskirts of Now Zad.

The Taliban wait to drive them back to the landing zone.

Hot Reception planned by the Taliban

The paratroopers advance through the scrub

British sections advance

Some casualties are taken in the intial rush. Impetus and control breaks up as fire teams hunker down in cover

Casualties taken as open ground crossed

The left flank continues its advance, avoiding contact with the Taliban groups over the wall

Using poppy fields as cover

The team going around the other side of the poppy field takes fire from the Taliban sniper, but spots him after an ineffective shot and puts him down

Other first team prepared for assault on first farm

The GPMG team advances along the left with some support but takes fire from the mortar before the spotter is taken out and the advance peters out

GPMG advances on right flank

In the centre the Javelin team gets hit continuously but miraculously both team members survive multiple hits with only minor wounds. The fire-teams who intervene to give medical aid are not so lucky though

Javelin team and fire team goes down

After some initial success the Taliban withdraw back to the main compound and despite taking some losses at the wall opposing them the British clear out this last redoubt, including the 81mm mortar which has advanced to fire directly (due to the loss of both leaders who were able to call in targets)

Last redoubt

A pyrrhic victory for the British, taking significant casualties as well as expending masses of ammunition in taking this outlying farm


  1. Great stuff - I'd like to do Afghanistan sometime. I particularly like the 'sangar' in the fourth photo and the patches of 'elephant grass'. I might just nick the elephant grass idea for my own desert terrain bits - a good way to get a bit of relief/height into otherwise potentially rather 'flat' games.


  2. Thanks Phil,
    I'm getting good value out of those grasses, they've been used in my 28mm Wild West and 10mm Pulp-Dinosaur games as well


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