23 February, 2010

Afghan Village

I picked up a selection of buildings for the Afghan village.
Frontline - Desert Dwelling
Minimi - Middle Eastern Adobe (with trapdoor) and their Walls & Gate
Hovels - 3x Middle East Adobes

A variety of different styles and production techniques in use

Here's the lot of them undercoated


And a close-up of one of Hovels adobes

Undercoated Close-up

I applied a dark brown wash to all of them. Due to their rough finish, the Hovels buildings took this best

Base Coat

The walls took it well enough as well, but I applied a light (almost drybrush) coat of buff cream to represent the plastered finish over the bricks

Plastered Walls

I was really happy with that move, and may apply it to the Hovels adobes to finish them off

Plastered Walls Close-up

The Frontline resin was quite smooth in comparison to the others and needed a second coat before it started to look anyway complete


Future buys to complete my Afghan village:

Britannia's compound and new market are on the list. I've heard nothing but good things about these.

I'm very happy all-round with the pieces from Hovels so I may pick up a couple of their Small Adobes, the large Tomb and the Water Fountain to add a bit of flavour.

I'll post some updated photos of the finished buildings, but you can see their current state in the previous game reports. The main step was to paint up the doors with a faded wooden colour.

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  1. Looks like everything is coming along swimmingly. Maybe some HO scale shipping containers next?


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