13 January, 2010

Return to Dahomey

Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another dinohunt?

 Returning to Abomey with news of the failed American expedition, Commander Simpson uses his influence to call for a contingent of Royal Marines to come ashore and to aid his attempt to rescue them.

Losing his reputation for bravery is not something playboy millionaire H. Jack Vanderbolt can live with. His moribund state is only interrupted when a platoon of marines from the USS Frederick (taking water in Liberia) arrive on a mission to save the lost American nationals upriver.
Together they must race into the depths of Dahomey and search for the survivors. Surely a trained military force will succeed where brazen adventurers failed? Forewarned of the perils, will they see a solution to the primordial dangers which threaten them, or will their nerves fail them...

I'll be using my homegrown pulp adventure-style rules 'Perilous Trail' which premiered at Gaelcon last year, some tweaks have been made, and I reckon I'll publish them here after some polishing in March.

Leprecon XXXI will be running from March 12th to 14th at Goldsmith Hall, Pearse St., Trinity College, Dublin 2. View Leprecon's website here


  1. What on earth are those marines carrying??? It looks like a spread eagled guinea pig but it also looks like it weights a ton!

  2. It's a disassembled 75mm pack howitzer I believe

  3. Bring along a pack howitzer on a dino hunt, marvelous!


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