21 May, 2010

Corporate Security LandMates

Did these two guys over the last three or four days as a Bonus Task for The Guild's Project Build 2010.

The Interstellar Military-Industrial Corporation Heymans & Yamada maintains several significant facilities on Novaya Sakha

LandMate Element Hold Doorway

These facilities are guarded by a well-equipped and skilled security force

LandMate 1 Stands Guard

The most notable of these are the Howa K-4 LandMates - a heavy power armour over 3.5 meters tall, capable of being dropped directly from orbit (using ablative shielding and thrusters).

LandMate steps out

They are armed with a powerful dual-role 14mm rapid-firing cannon with a 40mm grenade launcher

LandMate Element from side

They typically operate in elements of two, and are well capable of operating in urban environments without infantry support

LandMate 2 Takes up Position

They can utilise their thrusters and folding wings to leap large distances

LandMate on Rooftop


  1. What range are these from? I've never seen them before. I have poked around a *lot* on The Guild, and I just don't get the build project at all, but I like what you've got here, they look great. Let's see them next to some grunts!

    I absolutely LOVE your Novaya Sakha background and fluff though...to the point where we may need to talk because I intend to 'borrow' it wholesale!

  2. >They're not actuall in GZG's Stargrunt range at all. But if you look at the 'Characters and Other Miscellaneous' and then 'GZ Range' you'll find them
    >The Guild Build: usually these are short sharp affairs - two-month long Scratch-Build or Cavalry or whatever builds. Basically a theme to fit.
    With the Project Build it's a much bigger deal, lasting an entire year with 5 split-up tasks, each having to fit a minimum (15 infantry, 3 vehicles, a scenario or whatever)
    >Post a comment with your e-mail and I'll delete it rather than publish it and give you a shout

  3. Awesome, thanks chief! It's a public email, no need to delete it:


    Also, I forgot to ask what rules are you using for these, your TO&Es, and Novaya Sakha in general?


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