12 May, 2010

Operation Certain Death - Scenario

Last year Ambush Alley Games ran a scenario competition 'Osprey Raider'. This scenario is based on Si Tyler’s winning entry. I've made changes to it to fit in with my collection and an Afghanistan background, so kudos should go to Si, while blame goes to me!

"Operation Certain Death" 
- 8 Turns -

At 0640 a Special Forces Chinook arrives at the LZ and the SAS rescue team fast rope down into the village to begin the rescue mission of 7 hostages held by the Taliban. The extraction helicopter would return in 20 minutes to the LZ to evacuate the party to safety.

  1. Rescue the Hostages and evacuate them to the LZ
  2. Capture or Kill the Al Qaeda Leader Khalid Azar
  1. Keep the hostages secure
  2. Defeat the rescue force

A small village with outlying walls. The two central buildings form a rough courtyard while the outlying buildings are separated by open ground.
To the south of the village is a steep wadi, which local goat herders are known to use.
Surrounding the village are small wooded areas, and to the west lies some broken rocky ground.
The LZ is in the north-west corner of the area.

Deploy the British anywhere along western edge of table.
Deploy the Taliban as per Force Composition


British forces are well supplied and have high confidence (TQ D10/ Morale D12)

12 operators total:
  • 4-8 Assault Rifle
  • 0-4 Assault Rifle with UGL
  • 0-3 Minimi
  • 0-2 GPMG
  • 0-1 Sniper Rifle
Full weapon teams must be allocated to get the weapons team bonus.


All Taliban forces are Local. They have normal supply and have high confidence (TQ D6 Morale D8)

1: Leader, 4xAKs
2: Leader, 4xAKs
3: Leader, 4xAKs
4: Leader
5: 5xAKs, 1xRPK, 1xRPG
6: 5xAKs, 1xRPK, 1xRPG
W: Al Qaeda Leader Khalid Azar
H: Building Containing Hostages

Units 5 and 6 are roused by the arrival of the British from sleep and MUST pass a TQ check to be able to attempt to activate in the remaining moves phase. If joined by a leader they add +2 to the roll.


2 1D6+2xAKs, 1xRPG, 1xRPK and Leader
3 1D6+2xAKs and Leader and roll again
4 1D6+1xAKs and Leader
5 1D6xAKs
6 1D6xAKs, 1xRPK
7 1D6xAKs, 1xRPK
8 1D6xAKs, 1xRPG
9 1D6xAKs
10 1D6+1xAKs, 1xRPG and Leader
11 2D6xAKs and Leader
12 1D6xAKs and .50 Cal w/3 crew*

*This unit must enter from the Southern Map edge and the insurgent does NOT have to roll for the entry hotspot

The Insurgency level is 4 for this scenario and 5 hotspots are deployed as normal. They cannot be located within 6” of the hostage location


The British force draws a single Fog of War card at the start of Turn 1, and thereafter Fog of War cards are drawn as normal after Reaction Tests.


The South edge of the board is a wadi. Troops must make a TQ check for each 6” of movement they wish to make while inside its boundary to avoid being noticed by local goat herders. Failure will mean that the goat herder runs to warn the Taliban (i.e. to rouse units 5 & 6)

To rescue the hostages an SF figure must move into base contact. 1 SF Figure is required to escort 4 Hostages. While escorting the SF unit counts as having dependants as normal.

Regular player cannot abandon casualties or dependants in this scenario.

Regular forces cannot enter buildings unless cleared or by an assault.


  • No SAS Casualties/POW +5
  • Each hostage rescued +1
  • Khalid Azar Captured +3 or Killed +1
  • Each SAS Wounded/Killed +1
  • Each hostage retained +2
  • Any SAS POW +3

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