03 May, 2010

Infantry Platoon - Work-in-Progress Pictures

A quick step-by-step for those Stargrunt miniatures finished on Friday.

Base coat on everything was Middlestone, the power armour guys got it all-over...

Power Armour - Base Coat

...whereas for the scouts...

Scouts - Base Coat

...and the troopers this was just for the fatigues

Troopers - Base Coat

The webbing, gear and helmets for the scouts and troopers was Catechan Green

Troopers - Kit

On the power armour I just used this colour for the raised sections on the backpacks (I imagine radiator fins for the powersource), the vision slit (although I did contemplate making this red), the non-weapon fist (for no particular reason)

Power Armour - Kit

The power armour gets an all-over wash of Russian Uniform

Power Armour - Wash

The troopers and scouts get the same, but on the troopers the quited jacket sculpting shows this up well I think

Troopers - Wash

Weapons and boots get a solid coat of black on scouts

Scouts - Weapons

And excepting the power armour guy with the missile launcher, their weapons get the same treatment

Power Armour - Weapons

While the troopers get the same as the scouts

Troopers - Weapons

The weapons on the power armour get a simple Codex Grey drybrush

Power Armour - Dry Brush

The scouts and the troopers get a base coat on skin areas with Red Leather

Scouts - Skin Base

The power armour gets based with sand, while getting a drybrush in Desert Yellow

Power Armour - Based

The Scouts and troopers get Medium Fleshtone over the base coat on skin areas, while their weapons and boots get the same drybrush as the power armour did

Scouts - Skin Tone

They then get a drybrush of Dark Flesh, and their gear and helmets gets a drybrush of Russian Uniform too

Troopers - Skin HighLights

Nothing spectacular (and a hat tip to Piers for the skintone step-by-step) but effective I think until next time...

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