30 April, 2010

Garrison Company Mustered

Art by OmeN2501

(Edited to add better-lit and a few more photos)
The Human Co-Prosperity Sphere Combined Garrison Company deployed without its vehicle support

Power Armour NCO
Power Armour NCO

1st team of Power Armour
1st Power Armour Team

2nd team of Power Armour
2nd Power Armour Team

Platoon HQ with heavy weapon on ridge
Platoon HQ and Heavy Weapon

1st Squad
1st Squad

2nd Squad
2nd Squad

Locally-recuited scout team
Scout Team

Full reinforced platoon
Reinforced Platoon

Close-up of Trooper
Close-Up of Trooper

Close-up of Power Armour
Close-Up of Power Armour

Close-up of Scout
Close-Up of Scout

"Wedding Photographer" shot where everyone in the platoon squeezes in!
Squeeze-In Platoon

A couple of issues with these:
First - photos aren't entirely satisfactory with light available, I'll see if I can take better over the weekend.
Second - these miniatures were undercoated long ago, so basing wasn't quite settle firmly enough to drybrush properly, also they were undercoated white, and will definitely switch to black after this
Third - a long time since I've painted anything in this scale, so my 6mm techniques need a big shake up to cope (as Cyril foresaw a few weeks back over coffee!)

These are from GZG's 25mm Stargrunt range, mostly from the ESU line, but the scout team are from their PAU range - but this power uses a lot of ESU equipment in canon, so they're perfect for second-line troops.

I did take work-in-progress photos, so if anyone's interested I can post those with some commentary.


  1. I wouldn't mind seeing a step-by-step, these guys look pretty cool.

  2. (Mik?)
    I'll post that tomorrow or Monday

  3. Vary nice, consider your idea's stolen


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