11 April, 2010

This Time it's War!

The US Navy DH-4 acts as the eyes of the expedition

Pointman with Local Guide seek high ground

Pointman with Local Guide

First Squad behind Lanchester armoured car

First Squad behind Lanchester armoured car

Second Squad move through jungle pass

Second Squad move through pass

Rear Guard stays frosty

Rear Guard

The entire Marine Expeditionary Force

Marine Expeditionary Force

The American Marines have arrived in Dahomey: This time it's war!


  1. They're Marines old chap, it can't be war.

    Are you not aware that 10,000 Marines may attack your land, lay waste to your cities and destroy your fastnesses, but it is still a police action...

    ...but if one Army boot touches the ground...

    ...then it's war.

  2. It's true!
    However, in my defence: "This Time it's a Police Action" would neither put the civilian population at ease nor give any impression of impending wrath (and doesn't quite achieve the Aliens effect I was going for).
    To allow the facts to get in the way of the story for a moment, I think the Marine Corps were first into action in the Spanish-American War (obvioulsy a simpler age)

  3. Lol. Nice objection ! As we say on your side of the Channel : "They think that they're world cops but they also think we're all robbers !"


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