19 April, 2010

EuroFed Drones

EuroFed technicians testing out a drone beside an industrial complex.

Technicians testing out drone

Technicians argue about the proper settings and specs for their drones.


Pair of drones fly past waste disposal.

Pair of drones fly past waste disposal

Drone hovers over industrial sludge.

Drone hovers over industrial sludge

Four drones out in jungle.

Four drones out in jungle

These four drones will back up the EuroFed Marine platoon in the jungles.

In other news, I've started work on my ESU platoon for my Guild project build. I expect to have something to report at the weekend...


  1. Looking good, nice narrative...

  2. It´s a long time till the weekend.

    Nice drones too!

  3. Like the technicians, where do they hail from?

  4. Thanks guys
    Those techies are from GZG (who also do a few vehicle crewmen in the same vein)


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