28 April, 2010

Stand By...

Art by WiredGear

I did promise something on my current work in progress, a platoon of infantry for the Project Build over on the Guild.
I have been painting for Friday's deadline, and have been taking photos (in bad light) along the way, but haven't had a change to blog about it yet.

In the meantime here's the TO+E I've created for the government forces involved in the Rebellion on Novaya Sakha (the vehicles are in task 4, and the infantry in task 2)

Click on the table above to view a larger (and readable) version

Hopefully I'll have a bit of breathing space tonight to post photos of progress so far...


  1. Come on, this is one project I don't want to see fall off the build!

  2. Just some flesh highlighting, a few touch-ups and basing to go...

  3. where do you get those delightful sci fi shots from?

  4. I do like 'Hard sci fi". Nice stuff.


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