30 June, 2011

200! Huzzah!

Added post #200 last weekend so I guess this is a bit of a milestone.

More than happy with the readership (that's you!) as well; with 93 Followers and 117 RSS readers too. Coincidentally those figures add up to 200 as well. I get some really positive comments from people and (while, like most, I'm blogging for myself at the end of the day) that makes it a lot easier to keep going.

On the horizon are more Force on Force games set in present-day Afghanistan. I'm also nearly ready to start my Austria 1809 campaign using C&C Napoleonics.

Upcoming conventions will be the new Conspiracy in Kilkenny in September (British in Afghanistan), Gaelcon in October (28mm Pulp Dinosaur Hunting) and while it's still a bit far way, some Vietnam war and/or Sci-Fi at Warpcon and Leprecon next year.
Posts coming up in the near future:
  • I'll be posting another AAR from the Attack State Red campaign, and I also want to make the entire 10-scenario campaign available to people before I get around to playing the others.
  • Just subscribed to the relaunched Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine, so I have some early thoughts on it (and maybe some comparisons with my current favourite Battlegames)
  • I'll also be making a slight departure from usual fare by musing on how I construct maps for scenarios.
  • And finally, given the milestone, I'll be announcing a couple of 'giveaway' competitions for followers at the weekend!
So thanks for all of you for reading, and as ever any comments on posts (new or old) are welcomed


  1. Congratulations, Donogh. I definitely appreciate the attention you attract to our game with your high-quality blog posts ans scenarios! Here's to the next 200 posts!

    Shawn Carpenter
    Ambush Alley Games

  2. Congratulations Donogh!!

  3. Keep doing these great AAR. I love your modern middle eastern setting.

  4. Congrats, it's a damn good blog.


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