23 June, 2011

A Bridge Too Far

B Company has cleared the village of Heyderabad, but it’s not stopping there. 7 Platoon will secure the canal bridge and the two buildings overlooking the crossing.

The Taliban defend the canal crossing, deploying behind the buildings for maximum impact

Taliban defend canal crossing

The British advance towards the canal, and across the paddy fields. One fireteam rushes forward and is left in no man's land

British advance

Having taken a torrent of fire, with three men going down immediately

Lone survivor

The lone remaining member up and running survives another fusilade without a scratch, returning the shots with interest, putting down two Taliban in the tomb - all three casualties are fine, one has a light wound!

Taking fire from the tomb

Taking 107mm rocket barrages the other fireteam works its way across the paddy field and flushes the spotter team out

Flushing the spotter out

The third scenario I ran on Saturday turned from 'A Bridge Too Far' to 'Berlin by Lunchtime' as the sequence of rolls went entirely the British's way. From that first casualty check and the overwhelming fire on that lone survivor which resulted in nothing. With no reinforcements turning up at all for the Taliban this was over in record time.
That said, I've made some tweaks to the scenario, hopefully it'll work out a bit more challenging for you.

The Players

A damned enjoyable day was had by all I think - five players, three scenarios; not to mention the finest Knob Creek whiskey this side of the Tennessee and some delicious Innis & Gunn beer...

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  1. Can't wait to see the revised version of this. It looks like a real knock-down drag out scrum.


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