20 June, 2011

Friday the 13th

I've been writing up scenarios from 'Attack State Red' over the last while. I ran the first three for Trinity Gamers on Saturday.

A Company’s platoons are scattered around the deserted eastern part of Nowzad. With the prospect of the Taliban outflanking the British troops, securing against possible infiltration is vital.

Company HQ, despite the prospect of danger moves up to a rooftop to direct mortar fire

Company HQ moves to rooftop

The isolated Sergeant Holmes feels the heat as the Taliban direct their efforts towards his elimination

Sergeant Holmes feels the heat

The rest of the Taliban join the charge, hoping to overwhelm the British defence of this area, Holmes has gotten out of Dodge, but despite taking fire on the way to the nearby building, safely reaches it without any injury

Taliban charge

A Chechen sniper team has shown up, well out of range of any local units, and proceeds to wreak havoc on the British section to the rear

Chechen sniper team

Taliban motorbikes appear (in the newly named "Forest of Death"), but they are picked off before they get a chance to put their RPG to good use

Taliban motorbikes arrive

Civilians show up on the battlefield and their presence forces one fireteam to move position to clear them out

Civilians on the battlefield

That fireteam comes under immediate threat, as the "hunter of gunmen" knock out two of them and the rest are put down by a Taliban group from the woods nearby. Another group enters the building - capturing one and finishing off three

British fireteam is serious danger

The Chechen sniper team inflict two more casualties on the second fireteam from that section - the medic from HQ rushes to their aid

Second fireteam receives medical attention

They fire on another set of motorcyclists, moving in to execute the lone survivor of the fireteam who was nearly captured

Firing on second motorcycle team

Another attempt to capture that squaddie is decline, as a lone Taliban leader enters the building to shoot the stricken soldier

Taliban leader attempts a capture

His grisly fate is avenged swiftly as the British sniper team shoot him down

Sniper team deny area

A mine strike from a Soviet-era relic stops the last-gasp attack of this Taliban unit

Mine strike

Five dead and one seriously wounded British soldiers (but miraculously not Holmes or his GPMG gunner!) make this a bad day for the British. They do maintain the connection between the two platoons and keep Company HQ safe, thus winning the game by 19-16.

Lesson for the day: the lack of nearby support for that fireteam meant that no one was available to give first aid, leading directly to the attempted Taliban capture.


  1. But we won and that's the main thing!

  2. Good batrep but horrific casualties.

  3. I believe the Forest of Death ended up with four (maybe five) casualty markers in it. It was going pretty badly for the insurgents before the sniper team showed up - they basically opened a chink in the regulars' armour. Very messy game indeed.

  4. I've read ASR- great book! Did you have a model representing 2Lt Nick Denning?

    1. If you look at the first game photo - the command team is there on the rooftop (bottom right). Maybe the figure holding a map is Lt Denning?


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