17 October, 2012

Top (Film) Firefights: #10, #9, #8, #7

In my 300-post review I promised a top ten of my favourite firefights on film (TV series will have to wait until another time)

#10 The Wild Bunch (Final Shootout)

Peckinpah gave us a completely new way of doing westerns (and firefights) in this film. The opening shootout sets the scene but this one is a masterpiece of mayhem

#9 Appleseed (Opening vs. Droids)

Beautiful stuff and the only anime on the list. The first time I watched it I didn't realise until the end of the scene that I was watching it without subtitles: I just had to rewatch the whole thing from the start

#8 Where Eagles Dare (Stairwell)

Super cheesy stuff from Eastwood who probably sets some kind of killcount record here. Is the twin MP40s too much? Who cares!

#7 Proof of Life (Tecala Rescue)

A nicely executed attack with a small team. Unusually for the list they try stealth at the start. Bonus points for good camouflage and using smoke!

Doubtless you'll have your own ideas, and this is a perfect topic for conversation over a few pints.


  1. I had forgot about Proof of Life. It's an excellent scene in an otherwise just ok movie. Extra points for realism and tactics used.

  2. Reminded me of some (Eagles Dare), made me look at others in a new light (Proof of Life), and introduced me to some new ones (Appleseed)...and you just got started!

    I'm guessing all the John Woo stuff is in the top spots? ;)

  3. @Mik: there may be some John Woo ahead :-)
    Glad I'm performing a public service here!
    Hope you all enjoy the next six...

  4. If the shootout in HEAT isn't number 1, I will unsubscribe from your Blog!!! I'm deadly serious! Joking aside, the "Where Eagles Dare" shoot out is one of the most outrageous "Boys Own" style COMMANDO Comic shootouts in a film. I think some of the stuff in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER was very good, and also WAY OF THE GUN is a brutal one. Kudos on a great blog!


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