25 October, 2012

Top (Film) Firefights: #6, #5, #4

With Gaelcon swiftly approaching I'm (as usual) working hard to get my game up to speed. By Tuesday or Wednesday next week you'll see some early results hopefully, but in the meantime here's the next few of my favourite film firefights

#6 Unforgiven: What happens to assassins around here

Skip to 2.25 if you are impatient

There is a dark poetry to this scene. There's absolutely no glorification when William Munny follows his victim's advice on the best way to win a gunfight. Indeed I always feel like Munny's deliberate and terrible procession places the audience as WW Beauchamp (the writer), fearful of this new unearthed truth of the nature of violence.

#5 Leon: SWAT raid the apartment

Fast forward to 3.40 if you don't want any character development

What can I say, a classic Luc Besson film. Gary Oldman plays a blinder as the incredulous crooked cop. My favourite moment - the hand that closes the door.

#4 The Matrix: The Lobby

I understand it's fashionable to scoff at the Matrix these days; given the disappointment of the second two films this is understandable - though a mistake. One has to stop to admire the sheer majesty of this gunfight.


  1. Three more great additions. I know what you're saying about the first Matrix, sure I wasn't a fan in the slightest of two and three, but the first one was pretty awesome. And the lobby gunfight in the first one...wow.

  2. More great choices, loved the Matrix lobby scene, it really set the standard for future films!

  3. While these are great videos, you know you can actually get links to specific points in the video now by right clicking on the progress bar?

    1. You should spot that the links at the top of each entry take you to a specific spot in the clip. But I'm not sure you can do that when you embed it...


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