31 October, 2012

Top (Film) Firefights: #3, #2, #1

While I upload my photos from the weekend of gaming, here are my top three

#3 Hard Boiled (Hospital)

Wonderfully over-the-top Hong Kong action! I think this was my first John Woo movie and is notable for the long take and minimal fancy camera work

#2 Way of the Gun (Free Cheese)

This is an exceptionally underrated (or just unknown) film, with several other brilliantly done shootouts. Well worth your time. Just remember: there's always free cheese in a mousetrap.

#1 Heat (Heist)

It's a Michael Mann film, so we can't be surprised at the cinematography, but hell, this is a full-on long-range shootout with tactical movement. (No embedding allowed on this one, so you'll just have to click through the link above)

Also seriously considered:
Open Range
The Kingdom
The Killer
Four Brothers
Three Kings

Let me know if any of your favourites didn't make my list...


  1. Chow Yun Fat's A better Tomorrow.

    The walk through picking up pre-placed guns scene.

  2. Three tremendous top places, Donagh. "Heat" would be my number 1 as well - a simply awesome film on all levels, and the Heist shoot-out is just spectacular. I've not come across "The Way of the Gun" before, but that's an excellent firefight.

    Others I've enjoyed - the Korean nightclub scene in "Collateral" (OK, not just a firefight, but it's superb, tense, choreographed action with the Paul Oakenfold soundtrack blaring in the background), some of the period action in "Last Man Standing" (Yojimbo remake with Bruce Willis in the mid-90s), and the final port-side shoot-out in Michael Mann's "Miami Vice" (one of the few high points in a disappointingly average film). Thanks for putting together such a great list!

  3. Great list!

    Hit Girl vs the mob in 'Kick Ass' is truly outstanding.

    'Hot Fuzz' and 'Hot Shots Part Deux' deserves a mention as well.

  4. Whew, a tough top three! Yeah, Heat is amazing but man, that Hard Boild scene is all one cut! Too close to call, I'd say this one is a more a three-way tie for first!

    Great series, kudos.


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