30 April, 2013

Inspiring this Gazebo Hunter #4

Preparing some articles for the upcoming fifth issue of the 'all things to all gamers' e-zine for the UK & Ireland The Gazebo; while you're waiting here's my article from #4.
You can view and/or print it from here but if you want to download it instead you'll need an account (pretty quick sign-up though).

I've always been interested in what inspires gamers to break new ground and start another project. This series of articles is a brief overview of things which caught my eye over the last few months - some have already prompted me to try something new, some may lurk in the long grass until their time has come. I hope that something here grabs your attention and calls you to action!


The Anderson Collection is a lovely showcase blog. Every period the author takes his hand to is done superbly, but the latest river crossing set during the Napoleonic era on the Peninsula is a great set piece. Those pontoons look lovely, but so simple.

If landing on a defended shoreline piques your interest, I heartily recommend taking a look at progress over at World War 20mm as they take on Omaha Beach. (You may have noticed more recent photos as this game appeared at Salute!)


Antenociti Workshop continues their sterling line of slick 28mm sci-fi with their civilian anti-grav Matador Aircar. I’m a big fan of their realistic take on urban sci-fi, using quite of few of their cars in my Tomorrow’s War campaign already.
While Gamecraft are better known for their modern-day 6mm and 20mm buildings, they also have quite a collection of 15mm historical buildings. This World War Two office/residential block would be perfect late-war urban battles.

Non-Fiction Book

The Jason Voyage by Tim Severin won’t surprise anyone familiar with his usual approach to the legendary journeys of historical figures. This is his incredibly interesting and informative account of his efforts in building a replica of the Argo and its trip from Greece to Georgia following the route to the Golden Fleece.

Fiction Book

The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie is set in the same world as The First Law, but follows the fortunes of key individuals during the three days of a battle. Excepting the Black Company, I can't think of as anti-war a fantasy novel as this. There are some lovely touches to this work and I wonder if anyone out there will do an adaption of the Saga rules for it…


Going slightly off-piste now, I caught the web series Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome recently. I’m not entirely convinced by the actor playing the young Adama, but the action sequences were done quite well and it seemed to fit into the overall series mythology.

I am planning something along these lines at some stage, but it’s a slow-burner of a project so I think you might see it in early 2014…

Random Site

Michael Yon is an American journalist and photographer whose pieces always impress me. Obviously his work is of importance to anyone interested in Afghanistan and Iraq, but I found two recent posts on mud and tracking incredibly fascinating.

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