09 April, 2013

The Last Redoubt

With the Sakhan cordon outside WuWei barely holding on, a strike has been planned to overrun the central PRC compound inside the city. A large vehicle-borne IED has been primed and will explode at the inner gate.

Art by UkitaKumuki

A large hand-picked force of Sakhan mercenaries will attack and attempt to rescue a rebel leader and kill any high-ranking officers inside while destroying the command centre.

The first 'Hellburner' (as the rebels call the VBIEDs) rocks the redoubt with a gigantic explosion
The nearby infantry are sheltered by the blast wall, but the light tank standing at the entrance is destroyed outright (the crew bail out, but all are wounded)
A automatic grenade launcher atop one strong-point opens up on the rebels as they show themselves from behind rough ground
The sentries at the main gate open fire as more rebel infantry round the corner behind an armoured car
The APC, previously idling alongside the main bunker, surges forward to add its firepower to the defence
Intense missile fire is directed at a building being occupied by the rebels, and  it's demolished. A power armour trooper knocks out the armoured car (destroying its missile launcher and immobilising it) with his plasma cannon
The other power armour team take the high ground in the strong point and  wreck havoc amongst the rebels below
A second hellburner makes its way towards the gate, but it draws an enormous amount of reactive fire as it comes into view and it's knocked out of action
The rebels take the strongpoint in a frenzied assault, taking out the power armoured troopers who were put down by the rest of their squad's fire
Now they're firing on PLA units inside the compound and eyeing up the main bunker - time is not on their side however as they've left it too later to do anything other than fire into the command center and hope they get lucky
Tying to drive back the other nearby rebel units, the APC's machine guns are taken out by a rocket launcher and the crew disembark to take on the rebels with their sidearms!
The government forces have held out, just long enough...WuWei still stands and the rebels must regroup and hope international pressure gives them victory on the negotiations table.


  1. A VERY INTERESTING GAME. what make are the vehicles? anyway cool game and interesting story.

  2. Thanks!
    Most of the vehicles are from GZG's range, though the armoured car is from (the sadly defunct) DLD Productions


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