16 April, 2013

Proof of Life - Scenario

Recently, I wrote up a Force on Force scenario based on the rescue mission from Proof of Life for The Guild. Have a look at the scene on YouTube

Terry Thorne, a Kidnapping and Ransom specialist and former member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment is assigned to negotiate the return of building engineer Peter Bowman. While overseeing the construction of a dam in a Tecala, Bowman was kidnapped by the country's left-wing insurgency, the ELT.
Through connections with the oil company Thorne has arranged for the army to make a push across the river and draw out the main force (about 100 fighters) of the ELT, while he and a small hand-picked team (Dino’s Panama crew) mount a snatch and grab mission to rescue Bowman and another hostage, Calitri.

Scenario Information
Duration of Game: 6 Turns
Initiative: Asymmetric – Rescue Team has the initiative throughout
Table Size: 3’x3’

Rescue Team Mission
Rescue the two hostages and get them safely to the LZ.

Rescue Team Victory Points
Each hostage recovered safely: 3pts
Each hostage to LZ: 5pts
No team members left behind: 3pts

Rescue Team

Rescue Team Basic Attributes
Confidence Level: High
Supply Level: Abundant
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D10

Terry w/M4 (D10/D12; Hard to Kill)
Downtown 2 w/M4
Downtown 3 w/M249 (Lt. Support, AP:1)

Dino w/M4
Uptown 2 w/M4/203 (Lt. Support, AP:1)

Uptown / Downtown: Rescue Teams
1-3: ELT Groups

ELT Mission
Protect the ELT’s base by turning back the attackers and keeping control of the hostages.

ELT Victory Points
Each hostage still under ELT control: 5pts
No hostages reach LZ: 5pts
Each rescuer seriously wounded/KIA: 1/2pts

ELT Forces

ELT Basic Attributes
Confidence Level: Confident
Supply Level: Normal
Troop Quality/Morale: D6/D8

ELT Group [1]
1x Rebel Leader w/AK
4x Rebels w/AKs

ELT Guards [2]
2x Rebel w/AKs

ELT Groups [3]
1x Rebel Leader w/AK
14x Rebels w/AKs


Dino has been over this mission a thousand times, it’s FUBAR but he’s up for it! At the start of each turn (except Turn 1) roll a D6:

1 Breakfast Place one rebel outside the door of each hostage location. They’re heading back to the barracks. Ignore this result if the alarm has already been raised
2 Morning Stroll Place one rebel halfway along either the lower or upper path (rebel player’s choice)
3 Straggler Place on rebel at the LZ exfiltration point
4 Lame Bowman has an injured foot. Terry cannot move rapidly with him.
5 LZ Secured The rescue team have some extra time; game length is 7 turns
6 Ammo Dump Explosion Heavy fire leads to an explosion in the ammo dump – AP:3 in a 3” radius. Reduce ELT supply to abysmal.

Buildings provide a Solid Cover bonus (+1D). All buildings are rated at 3D6.

Surprise Attack
Having taken out the nearest sentry silently, the rescuers haven’t been spotted yet. The ELT groups can’t be activated until either the group at the barracks or at the farmhouse spots the rescue team or someone opens fire.

Sparse Jungle
All of the open ground in the area is semi-cleared jungle. While not enough to count as solid cover in-and-of itself, it will count as intervening cover.
Before the camp is alerted, rescue teams moving at tactical speed can make a TQ check to avoid detection by rebel groups.

Parade Ground Chaos
Once the rebel camp is alerted the group playing soccer on the parade ground spring into action. Roll three D6 separately and break the 14 rebels into groups of that size and deploy each group on one side of the ground. Place the leader with the first group, and any additional rebels (out of the 14) with the leader’s group.
Numbers exceeding 14 exit the Officer’s Hut a turn after the camp is alerted in one group.
e.g. a 4, a 3 and a 5 are rolled – the leader attaches to the first group of 4, and three other groups: of 3, 5 and 2 (the remainder of the 14) are formed.

The Hostages
Bowman is inside the structure marked ‘Peter’s House’ on the map. Calitri is inside the ‘Farmhouse’.
Both hostages will stay put until their Terry or Dino reaches them. It’ll take a TQ check to convince them to trust their rescuers.

Kidnapping & Ransom
Terry is an experienced K&R specialist – he ignores the -1 die of firepower and may make a quality check to move rapidly when with a dependent.

The Ammo Dump
A rebel group with a leader can equip itself with a LAW (Med. AP:2/AT:1(M)) if it reaches the ammo dump and makes a TQ check.

Terry is armed with a single claymore mine. Use the standard rules (pg. 76) but he only gets a single TQ check to use it.


Here's a copy of the scenario on PDF if that's helpful
Will post a full report and any amendments I make when it happens...


  1. Nice write up. We'll definitely give this scenario a go.
    Probably with a central Asian twist. ;-)

  2. Great interpretation. There is nothing better than the odd 'cinematic' scenario to find it all going wrong! Rambo, where are you....................

    I am putting the finishing touches to my first FoF board/terrain project and I get so many good ideas from your hard work. Thanks. D.x

  3. Thanks guys - hopefully you've been able to enjoy the scenario; just posted my own game reports


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