22 January, 2015

Top (Film) Duels: #3, #2, #1

Drumroll please!

#3 The Duellists (Pick one!)
I think this is my favourite, but honestly I would not begrudge you a different choice (the fourth duel, from horseback almost pipped this one). Of course this film is more about the culture of duelling than the duels themselves.

#2 The Princess Bride (The Man in Black vs. Inigo Montoya)

I'm sure this scene requires no introduction. The 'techniques' referenced are just nonsense I think, but the names are all genuine.

#1 Rob Roy (McGregor vs. Cunningham)

The film itself is a bit forgettable, but this fight is top of the class. At this stage we have no doubts as to the character and abilities of both combatants.

In all cases I think the drama and story of the situation is paramount, but we still need an element of realism and skill in the fight.

Quite a few didn't quite make the list, including:

Maybe a short list of group brawls and melees and a matching list from TV are required...


  1. No Indiana Jones VS the Sword wielding Arab(s)? ;)

    1. Heh! Didn't Indy just shoot or run away though? :-)
      His fight with those Nazis (I hate those guys) on the tank could've made it though

  2. Some excellent choices to round out a fine selection, well done! My top TV fight from last year would have to from Hannibal: Jack Crawford confronting Hannibal in the kitchen in the second to last episode of season two.

    1. Nice choice Paul - I loved that fight too


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