14 January, 2015

Top (Film) Duels: #6, #5, #4

So, into mid-table of my list of top hand-to-hand fights

#6 Eastern Promises (Bath House)

This is a pretty brutal fight, a no-holds struggle to the death.

#5 Haywire (Coffee?)

This is just such a surprise as it's the first scene we get with the characters. I like the way some bystanders try to help out too.

#4 Sanjuro (Sanjuro vs. Muroto)

Unfortunately, this clip doesn't include the first 30 seconds of the standoff. It's in stark contrast to the rest of the film, which has a comic slant, it's more tragic as we know that the last act of violence thrills the young onlookers more than it horrifies them.

Top three next week!


  1. Some very gritty selections there, nice work!

    1. Gritty is the word! I hadn't seen any of these. I'm wondering what's going to be in your top 3!

  2. Gritty certainly describes them. Glad to be drawing people's attentions to these little gems


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