30 January, 2015


Having landed their small biplane in the desert, Blazkowicz and Coulson meet with their local guide and make their way to a nearby oasis where they are due to meet up with Agent Waterson. However when they arrive the small settlement is overrun with Nazis.

The agents must defeat the Nazis and break through to the dig site beyond.

The quiet outpost has a small Nazi presence, but beyond a nearby hill is an incoming foot patrol
Neumann and Pfeil amble around near the oasis - they can't see anything untoward at the moment
Blazkowicz and Coulson cross the open ground around the flank, led by the able Haddo
The Germans leap into action as their caught between two fires - Waterson's group inside the cordon take fire from Heinz
With Hisham badly wounded, Waterson and Nazir race around the house to team up with Blazkowicz
Well in advance of Bachmann's patrol, Bauer charges through to the Oasis to take cover there and fire at the infiltrators
Our heroes are beset on all sides and things are looking grim
Waterson leaps forward, firing at Heinz and his cronies as she advances. She takes them all down, before she vanquishes Heinz in fearsome hand-to-hand
Nazir's attempt to get control of the car ends badly, advancing unseen from the house, Pfeil guns him down.
Bauer reaches the car and empties his sub-machine gun at the agents, killing Haddo and Coulson outright but failing to scratch Blazkowicz
Despite being outnumbered, Blazkowicz charges in, chucking a grenade into the car and suppressing (the hell out of) the nearby Nazis
Waterson races over to the stricken Hisham, smacking her rifle stock into the head of the German who was about to execute him. They have to secure Blazkowicz' escape
His Tommy Gun irretrievably jammed (to a freak rifle shot) Blazkowicz considers discretion to be the better part of valour and runs for it, taking cover behind the house.
The Nazis follow
But Waterson, from a significant vantage point, fires, wounding the over-eager Bauer and giving her surviving teammates a chance to escape.

Blazkowicz' infiltration was successful, but at a terrible cost, losing one agent and all their local allies...


  1. "Nazis...I hate these guys!"

    Nice AAR mate - enjoyed it :-)

  2. Bloody little fight.
    Great to see the Bob Murch pulp figures in action. Hate Nazis, love the figures.


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