10 August, 2009

Blog Retrospective

Hello all
Hit 50 posts yesterday, so I thought I'd review my blogging experience so far.

While there's a fair history of posting here, most of that activity has gone on over the last year or so. I think the key is to post as soon as you play (helps ensure you can remember things!) and to bring along the camera to every game and take snaps at regular intervals.

I've picked up a few readers in that time (8 via RSS and 6 followers) and would really welcome more comments. I've started posting links at The Guild, and I'm sure that's helped bring over a few. Not sure that my stuff is quite up to the stellar qualities of the crowd over there though!

Ongoing Games
Play a few more Old West gunfights using PKowboys before putting my thoughts together for the author Jeff Grossman, who's contemplating a second edition.
Keep playing battles of the Sengoku Jidai using my 6mm samurai.

As to which samurai battle I should play next?
3 Votes for 4th Kawanakajima, and 2 for Nagakute. I guess I'll do both, but Kawanakajima will be first. I've already started work on the scenario.
I'll be playing this using Piquet's 2nd edition of Band of Brothers, but hopefully the scenario will be usable by anyone else out there.

Some Projects in the Pipeline
A Napoleonics campaign, probably Austria 1809. I need to finalise on a system, but am currently leaning towards either Borg's 'Wars of Napoleon' or Piquet's 'Field of Battle'.
Pulp Dinosaur Hunting game for the swiftly approaching Gaelcon. I've written up the rules system, but need to do a spot of play-testing. Before that I need to paint up the dinosaurs themselves.
Medieval Skirmish game, originally for playing the Hundred Years War, but maybe will switch to the 1st War of Ruritanian Succession in the late 14th Century. A host of systems out there look promising but I reckon something simple like Bloody Borders (I know it's for early modern border reiving in Scotland) may suit.

Vaguely intend to do these in the longer term
Gladiators: I'd need to get a system (Red Sands Blue Sky seems a likely candidate), paint the miniatures (thankfully only a handful of Foundry's 28mm miniatures are required) come up with some cheap and cheerful arena, and recruit players.
North African Desert in World War Two: I need to paint up my Italian and British forces, I need to do some serious reading before writing the campaign out (almost definitely for Memoir '44)

Projects I'm currently trying to avoid starting, though the gravitational pull may just be too much for me!
British Civil Wars: Baccus' 6mm stuff would be great for this, a small battle or campaign in the early years of the war in England could start me off...
Present-Day Afghanistan: Gave the quick-start Ambush Alley rules to Steve the other week, and he was impressed with them, along with the cost and variety for this in 20mm...

Thanks to all for their continued attention and support

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