23 August, 2009

The People of Caspar, Wyoming

The Caspar Marshal, James Wilson, his brother Thomas Wilson, deputy Jerry McEwan and long-time friend Hank Shelby.
Caspar Marshals

Caspar Townsfolk: Batt Farrell, old timer Jeb Masterson, Danny and Jake Peterson, Marty Evans and local hot shot Andy O'Reilly.
Caspar Townsfolk

The Pinkertons: Frank Rucker, Jim Mcfarland, Pete Walsh and Zeke White.
The Pinkertons

Johnson County Sheriff, Charles Sloane and his deputy Bill Harvey. Rumours are that he's in the pocket of the Vanderbolts but no one knows for sure...
Johnson County Sheriffs

Old style Texas cavalrymen Nick Carson and Adam Greggs.
Ol' Texas Cavalry

A Cheyenne war-party has infiltrated the region and in set on more than just counting coup...
The Cheyenne

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