22 October, 2010

Hotspots and IEDs and Wrecks! (Oh My!)

Last-minute touches for Gaelcon tomorrow

Hotspot #2 (from S&S)

Hot Spot #2

All five hotspots. I really like these resin pieces - very easy to paint up and with nice detail
Hot Spots

Wrecked pick-up truck. (Again from S&S). I'm not too sure about my colour choice on the body. Too similar to the windows maybe...
Wrecked Pick-Up

Some IEDs. I got a ten-pack from S&S, some nice variety in it, but here's three of them.
IEDs (S&S)

A couple of Liberation Miniatures IEDs - all artillery shells
IEDs (Liberation)

See you there, and I'll be posting heaps of game reports next week in any case

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