02 October, 2010

Soviet Paratroopers (VDV)

Veterans of The Guild's recent Big Game, Jez on the forum was getting rid of these at a pretty irresistable price. I reckon they'll see good service in our Afghan games - I'll have to pick up a Mi-8/17 to carry them into action

Each of the three squads has seven members - NCO with AK-74 (he's the guy pointing obviously!), 1 Dragunov, 1 RPG, 1 RPK and 3 AK-74s

1st Squad moves along a wall
VDV 1st Squad

2nd Squad takes up position
VDV 2nd Squad

3rd Squad exposed in open ground
VDV 3rd Squad

Platoon HQ consults it maps (I'm not sure what value the guy with the SA-7 is going to give in Afghanistan!)
VDV Command

The full platoon
VDV Platoon

I'm going to slightly retouch the bases for a more arid look and add some desert silfor tufts...


  1. Nicely done! Those guys look GREAT!

  2. Bless their little communist socks...

    ...definately going to have to get some Cold War British.

    Damn you Donogh.

    Damn you.

  3. Mwahahaha!
    Have I suggested http://thehobbyden.com/ for all your Cold War needs?


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