30 September, 2010


I raised the issue of using casualty markers in games in a poll a while back and discussed the results here last week.

Photo from the Helmand Blog - more photos on Flickr

Here's the medic and casualty figures from Britannia's Afghan range

Medic and wounded squaddie

Both medics and a few casualties
Medics Treat Casualties

Close-up of the two different casualty types (there's something quite plaintive about the face-down model I think)
British Casualties

Afghan casualties
Afghan Casualties

Close-up of the Afghan casualties
More Afghan Casualties

Also a couple of new US entries - including one double-figure of a guy dragging his wounded buddy
Fire Team takes Casualties

Until next time!


  1. Wow! I relly like them!
    I´ve to do some... once I finish the fleet and impetus armies ;-)

    Good work, Donogh.

  2. I like the look of these guys. Are they 15mil? I'm going to have to get some as soon as payday hits.

  3. 20mm. If you like them you'll really like the look of Britannia's Vietnam casualties - a lot more variety in them (but I suspect they'll release more in the Afghan range soon)


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