14 September, 2010

Return to Panshir

Got in some good Ambush Alley action at the weekend - not as much as planned, but still an enjoyable weekend with a few DVDs thrown in for good measure.

Originally I had done up a scenario to take advantage of a T-72 model, but the scale worked out to be too far out, so we came up with a quick and dirty scenario.

An under strength Soviet rifle platoon moves in to take control of a village in the Panshir region.

The Soviets move into the village

An Afghan reception party awaits on the rooftop of a compound

Afghan reception party

1st Squad reaches the wall of the main square and targets the Mujahideen

1st Squad reaches the wall

2nd Squad moves through the fields along their right flank

2nd Squad moves through the fields

Sniping from the treeline, frantically trying to cover multiple angles as the MG team is heavily suppressed

Sniping from the treeline

Struggle for control of the compound as the Afghans send in reinforcements

Struggle for control of the compound

Accurate fire from the neighbouring compound takes a soldier down

Accurate fire takes soldier down

Move it! This squad will spend much of the time playing cat and mouse with a large Mujahideen group threatening their axis of attack

Move it!

Taking the compound - sealing off a narrow tunnel the Afghans were using to move into the compound

Taking the compound

A flanking Move behind the market almost comes to grief as the squad somehow survives a torrent of rifle fire from across the open ground

Flanking Move

Sergeant Boris has copped it! The Platoon's morale takes a serious hit as news comes in that a favourite NCO has been killed in action.
What's the Plan? The squad's return fire has left them short of their objective and they're not inclined to advance any further

What's the Plan

Taking Fire - The right flank's advance slows to a crawl as the Mujahideen get accurate with their shooting

Taking Fire

Afghans fight for second compound. Having ceded control of the outlying compound, they prepare to sell their lives dearly

Afghans fight for second compound

The Afghans fall back out of sight

Afghans fall back

But their fire has had a significant effect. The MG Team is out of action again, and the sniper team rushing in to perform first aid has succumbed as well. Finally the Soviets have to pull in a fire team from the right flank to see to them

MG Team out of action

Preparing for final assault. With large amounts of firepower right behind them in the first compound, this lone fire team fits bayonets!

Preparing for final assault

You want to live forever? They charge a small house. Hordes of Mujahideen have been pouring out of this all morning

You want to live forever

Rooftop knife fight finally swings in Soviets' favour

Rooftop Knife Fight

A great battle. It seemed like it was all over in turn 4 - but the Afghans fought tooth and nail to get back into it, and they could've won it in the end, had four Soviet casualty rolls gone the other way.


  1. First Americans in Afghanistan, then British forces in Afghanistan, now Russians...

    ...one is beginning to wonder if this pattern is going to continue and whether there are any chaps in red coats in your future...

  2. That´s a good looking game.

  3. Red Coats, Pith Helmets & Martini-Henry rifles vs. AK47s. Hardly seems fair, does it?

  4. Nice AAR even if historically incorrect (the SUV... and Mujahideen never get caught in a battle they can't win)
    Don't listen, I'm just jealous of your mianitures !

  5. *grin* I obviously need some ramshackle cars and trucks for Afghanistan...

  6. never will the Soviet commander get the credit he deserves in this imperial propaganda machine bloggy capitalist thingy.......


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