21 September, 2010

The Wounded Beast - Scenario

This is the scenario originally written for last weekend, until we discovered that the T-72 model was a behemoth (probably 1/48 scale). It should be fairly easy to re-fit for a different setting though.
Of course T-72s weren't really in use in Afghanistan (I don't think they made it off the airfield!) either, so we were going to use the T-62 stats.
Available as a pdf here

Mission Brief

A punitive column has been sent deep into Qandahar by the Soviets. A T-62 is with them, in order to test how it can cope with the green zone.

It’s thrown a track when making a tight turn inside a village, and due to a command oversight, the T-62 was left behind. A single BMP carrying an engineer team has been sent back to get it moving again.

Soviet Mission Objective

Repair the T-62 and get it back to the main column as soon as possible.

Mujahideen Mission Objective

Destroy the tank or prevent anyone from repairing and moving it away; it will be helpless once night falls.

Table Set Up

A small village with outlying walls. The two main buildings form a rough square while the outlying buildings are separated by open ground. Surrounding the village are several poppy fields.

To the south of the village is a wadi, overlooked by broken steep banks. A rough road crosses it at a small ford.

A small copse of trees lies to the east, and to the west lies some broken rocky ground.


Deploy the Soviet T-62 at the main corner and the recovery team at the ford.

Deploy one Mujahideen group near each hotspot.

Soviet Force Composition

Soviet forces are well supplied and are confidant (TQ D8/ Morale D8)

The Beast

1 Fireteam (3xAK-74s, 1xRPK)
Marksman (1xDragunov)

Recovery Team

1 Squad of two four-man fireteams (3xAK-74s, 1xRPK) & (3xAK-74s, 1xRPG)
1 Machine Gun Team (1xPKM, 1xAK-74)
2 Engineers (2xAK-74s)

Mujahideen Force Composition

The Mujahideen have normal supply and high confidence (TQ D6 Morale D8)

Leader & Group of 6 (5xAKs, 1xRPK)
Leader & Group of 5 (4xAKs, 1xRPG)
Group of 6 (5xAKs, 1xRPG)
Group of 6 (5xAKs, 1xRPK)
RPG Group (1xAT RPG, 1xAK)

Reinforcements Table

Roll Reinforcement Unit

1 Leader + 1d6xAKs, 1xAT RPG
2 D6xAKs, 1xRPK
3 D6xAKs, 1xRPG
4 D6xAKs, 1xRPK, 1xRPG
5 D6xAKs + Roll Again
6 D6xAKs, 1xRPK
7 D6xAKs, 1xRPG
8 Leader + 2D6xAKs

The Insurgency level is 4 for this scenario and reinforcements appear at the beginning of each turn when a 3 or less is rolled on D6.

Fog of War

Draw new Fog of War cards during reaction tests as normal.

Special Rules

Repairing The Beast’s tracks is going to be a difficult task.

Two successful TQ checks by the Engineers are necessary to get the tank back moving. If the Engineers get a full fire-team of soldiers to help they’ll roll a D10 instead of just a D8.

After the repair any movement at Flank Speed or over difficult terrain may throw the track again. Roll crew’s TQ at 4+ to avoid this.

[I realise that repairing a track isn’t quite so quick or straightforward in real life, but if it bothers you, just pretend it’s a different technical problem!]

Victory Conditions


The Beast’s track is repaired +5
The Beast crosses the ford without major damage +5
Each Mujahideen Group Broken or Destroyed +1


The Beast is destroyed +10
The Beast’s Track is not repaired or it does not make it over the ford by nightfall +4
The BMP-1 is destroyed +5
Each Soviet soldier killed +2


  1. This looks VERY cool. I can't wait to see someone write up an AAR for it!

    - Shawn.

  2. Thanks guys.
    Hopefully I'll get the chance to play it soon

  3. Well, it's taken me 16 months, but I've finally played this scenario, the AAR and photos will be up on my blog and on the AAG forum soon.

  4. Well Frankie - you've done better than I have! I've had this on the agenda twice but still haven't gotten around to it. Look forward to seeing the report

  5. AND it's taken me a month to finally put fingers to keyboard and write the AAR, which is now up on my blog and on the AAG forum.



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