15 September, 2010

Mujahideen Counter-Attack

On Saturday night I ran a follow-up scenario of Ambush Alley. This one saw a depleted Soviet force (although one with a BMP-1 and a BRDM attached) defend the Panshir village against an Afghan counterattack.

Lloyd took advantage of my liberal deployment instructions to place his entire force on the two hotspots at one end of the compound (though it may have been due to the free chair there!)

Afghans swarm

Swarming techniques alarm the Soviet commander, as he realises that a fire team and sniper in the other compound will have difficulty engaging, but can't be withdrawn just in case.

How did they get so close

The BMP-1 engages the Mujahideen on the other side of the compound (where all their RPG assets are concentrated). A group of Afghans scurries across the open ground and the BMP turns its main gun on it, bringing it crashing to the ground. Only one Afghan is killed and the rest are unfazed
[Forcing me to look up the rules for heavy weapons attacks on buildings, and damage to troops inside!]

BMP Intervenes

A long-running firefight erupts across the rooftops, with the Afghans pouring men into the building but they are unable to force the Soviet troops out

Firefight across the rooftops

A lone ant-tank RPG gunner sets up to take on the BMP. He survives its machine gun fire and takes out the main gun!

Brave RPG gunner

Two Mujahideen show up behind the ridge, and contemplate going over the top...

Lonely reinforcements

The BMP retreats, having lost its machine gun to RPG fire as well. It avoids an explosive device in the market but the nearby Afghans behind the ridge can't muster up the courage to put their RPG to good use

BMP Retreats (avoiding IED)

Long-range fire takes out the fire-team in the compound nearby. The sniper team has also taken casualties (all Soviet infantry casualties came from this compound, and not the hornets' nest across the way!)
No one's available to keep an eye out for the wounded BMP now, and the lone sniper must drag his spotter across the rooftops to check on his mates (helped by a medic who suddenly appears beside him)

2nd Squad taken out

The BRDM explodes as it takes more fire from the Afghans in the wrecked house

BDRM explodes

Having finished their tea downstairs, a four-man team of Spetsnaz arrive on the scene to lay waste around them, crushing the last vestiges of Afghan strength in the area

Spetsnaz finish tea

A nice follow-up game, touch-and-go again until the end. The Spetsnaz were decisive, but amazingly enough the Soviets hadn't taken any casualties where they were most at risk.
Of course the vehicles didn't come too well out of it!

We also discussed doing a campaign for Steve's new Soviet platoon. I'll be lifting the great campaign structure from Ambush Valley (the Vietnam supplement) wholesale.
Though obviously I need an Afghan with a Stinger to take out the Hind Steve's ordered!


  1. Bloody Spetsnaz!!

    The heroic, if untrained peoples militia of Iraqistania gave it their all. But in the end nothing beats the Fog of War that throws in a medic to heal the only guys I managed to riddle and then some uber commandos with Mujahideen seeking bullets.

    Some days it just better to tend to your goats and let your beard grow.

    Class game, though! :)

  2. Thanks Lloyd
    We're going to have to do something about those pesky special forces types turning up to ruin everyone's day!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself.
    See you at Gaelcon then...

  3. Was looking at these guys:

    Just need an AML 90 or a Panhard M3 and I'd be set :)

    Come on ye Russkie bas'tds!!

  4. Hey Donogh
    That looks a great scenario, waiting for the new rules next year before i get into AA. Hopefully have a few reasonable forces by then too.
    The terrain looks brilliant, are these bought or custom built ?

  5. Tecian,
    Thanks. What are you planning for AA?
    The terrain is a mix:
    Fields (doormats, cut up by me!)
    After that it's a mix of bought, custom-built stuff (the ridges) and commercial (walls and buildings)

  6. Ive just bought a large set of Afghan & Taliban from The Assault Group, plus i have some Battlefield Evo SAS / USMC etc that i can utilise for now. Think i'll leave the Russians here to see how they can be taken down !
    Probably look at a few scenarios that i can find then customise a few on the back of those to start with.
    I did wonder about the fields, haha nice idea !!

  7. That T72 and Hind are inbound, and Lloyd, if you only had the jammy infrastructure set up you too could benefit from fluky medics and special forces being dropped from orbit : )

    PS platoon all painted


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