10 September, 2010

Casualties of War?

I'm getting some medic and casualty figures for my British and Taliban from Britannia, but in the meantime I was wondering whether people use casualty figures in their games (irrespective of period or scale)

Poll is on the blog at the top-right corner.

I'm running a few games of Ambush Alley this weekend. A few Soviet vs. Mujahideen games tonight and then maybe some British vs. Taliban tomorrow. So I'll be posting a few reports later in the weekend.


  1. I do like using casualty figures - if I can get them.

    In some games I've used them as pin/suppression markers (single casualty figure being placed by a stand or unit that has been pinned or suppressed).

    In other games (like DBA) I've used them to show where a stand was lost - really helps visualizing what's going on in battle reports)

    in skimish games I like leaving casualty figures on the table and replacing the fallen with an actual casualty figure is always better than just tipping a figure over and leaving him there (with the bottom side of his base exposed...)

  2. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for your thoughts on this. We've also used them to show where units have been lost (in Memoir 44 and such) - it really helps show where the death traps have been


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