24 September, 2010

Camlann Lancers ready for battle

Four posts in four days, and more to come after the weekend. Don't let this become a habit or people will expect the same level all the time!

Off to Galway for a spot of BattleTech with these guys. Classic heavy 'mechs with some real personality - though I have no idea what they'll be facing...

Heavy lance moving through urban area
Lance Moving

Battlemaster leads the way

Rifleman provides fire support

Archer ready to loose missiles

warhammer providing some heavy firepower

The lance concentrates at a junction
Camlann Lancers

Scenario writing for Gaelcon is coming along nicely. Got an order from S&S Models last week (great service by the way) so I want to paint up their hotspots and IEDs as well as finish painting a few buildings. So (fingers crossed) in pretty good nick as far as preparations are concerned.

Results of the Poll on using casualty figures are in:
Absolutely - The more flavour pieces, the better 12 - 46.15%
I Should - But usually I can't be bothered 6 - 23.08%
Maybe - If they're available 5 - 19.23%
No - Don't see the point 3 - 11.54%
Never - I don't want to be reminded of the realities of war 0 - 0%

Interesting. Personally I love the flavour they add to a game, and if they're available I try to use them. But I would never not play a game or think the less of a setup if it didn't have casualty figures.


  1. Well old spoon, at least you're gaming - even if it is TubbyTech.

  2. I am envious of your unseen lance. Highly envious.

  3. Thanks Arquinsiel,
    We are (very) old school BattleTech hands, so I guess we don't quite appreciate what we have on the unseen front!
    Battle report includes a Crusader and a Phoenix Hawk so I expect your envy will spike to '11'
    See you at Gaelcon maybe?

  4. Yup, I'll definitely be there for one day at least. I've got a 3rd ed plastic Crusader and Archer, with a PlasTech Locust and Valkyrie (ugh....) donated by a kind veteran at Gaelcon last year. Someone sold a Griffin to Gamer's World and I was given a Battlemaster by the guy who owned a comicbook shop in Connecticut when I visited almost a decade ago.

    Given that I only started to collect around that time I think I've managed to gather a decent few of them really, but only some are useable.


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