28 September, 2010

If it Moves, Shoot it

After BattleTech we considered a game of Inquisitor, but settled on Frag instead.

Definitely a game for more than two, but the potential carnage is plain to see. After wiping the floor with me in the first game, and the initial stages of the second, I pulled off a coup-de-grace with this shot.

Frag - Wall, What Wall

-You reckon I can see you from here?
-You could, except for the wall, Gavin calmly asserts
-Wall, what wall? (I triumphantly display the card)

Jimmy Changa is not happy!
Frag - Jimmy Changa

Hanzo chuckles to himself
Frag - Hanzo

Also, I noticed a fantastic piece of terrain (done up by Dave Churchill)

Stage 1 - disturbed ground
Dave's Monster - Phase 1

Stage 2 - Maw and tentacles erupt
Dave's Monster - Phase 2

Stage 3 - Monster emerges
Dave's Monster - Phase 3

All three stages side by side
Dave's Monster

Also spotted in the BattleTech case was this Centurion, carrying the head of a Victor (spinal actuators still dangling)

Centurion displays fallen Victor

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