27 October, 2010

Here They Come!

Afternoon - Day 1
The Defence of Wilson's Wadi

The Taliban, without good intelligence on the strength of the British unit attempt to surround and overwhelm them with a decisive enveloping movement. If they can take control of three important landmarks they will be able to dominate the area entirely.

The British position is under threat
British position under threat

The British fireteam on the ridge is hit hard
British fireteam on ridge hit hard

Second fireteam advances to the tomb
Advancing to the tomb

All-round fire on the team in the tomb
All round fire on the team in the tomb

Dog Team runs across to check on casualties. The Taliban react to this movement, but somehow the dog handler and pooch survive, even returning effective fire!
Dog Team runs across to check on casualties

Taliban hit by mortar fire
Taliban hit by mortar fire

Medic shows up alongside the Dog Handler to help out
Medic shows up

Overwatch fire catches advance moving through field
Overwatch fire catches advance moving through field

Tomb is a very dangerous place
Tomb is a dangerous place

Taliban advance falters
Advance falters

Sniper appears in building just behind British, but his fire is less than impressive (1, 2, 3, and 4!)
Sniper appears in building behind British

Mass assault is planned
Mass assault is planned

Sniper team taken out by lone British squaddie
Sniper team taken out

Close assault goes in. The fight continues for several rounds but eventually the British finish it
Close assault goes in


A close-run thing. 17-15 to the Taliban, but a draw is agreed as the Taliban hold none of their objectives.
My feeling was that it was a mistake by the British to try to hold the compound, tomb and hill-top position from the start - this exposed them to all-round fire and prevented them from concentrating their efforts.

The toll on the British is high, as three are killed and 8 seriously wounded.


  1. That and the Taliban were due in a LARP..... *cough*

    Highly enjoyable game, can't recommend it enough. Thanks again for running it.

  2. *heh* I couldn't quite work that reason into the write-up!
    Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed yourself.


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