09 March, 2011

Ambush Alley

The British attempt to assert local dominance by sending in an armoured column. The Taliban have other ideas and bring some serious firepower to bear, as well as setting up roadblocks and IEDs along the route.

The British column (comprising a Viking, a Warrior and a Land Rover WMIK) turns into the main market area of Garmsir.

British Convoy

First fireteam disembarks from the Viking (with marksman in tow) to take post on a small house. It engages in a firefight to clear the compound next door.

Fireteam starts to clear compound

The British are flanked by a large group of Taliban in a small wood as they turn into the town centre

British flanked as they turn into town

The WMIK joins the section from the Warrior in clearing the copse of trees through the archway

WMIK clearing copse of trees

British take compound, clearing it with fire and then taking to the rooftops.
They do have a lucky escape. As they exited the small house to enter the compound an IED went off (just in front of the Warrior too) but it was a dud and the only damage done was one camelbak water carrier burst (or so the squaddie said)

British take compound

Remnants of Taliban resistance on the British left are hunted down by the WMIK and supporting section

Remnants of Taliban resistance on British left

British progress is slow. The column is taking its sweet time about the advance, being very cautious about possible IEDs around the corners.

British progress is slow

As a British fire team shuts down a hotspot, a crazy pair of Taliban (a PKM weapons team no less) rush the woods to put point-blank fire into them. They catch the British off balance and inflict a casualty.

Crazy Taliban rush woods

"We just rolled over an IED, didn't we"
[I've moved the Warrior for this photo - it was literally placed on top of the IED!]

4D8 vs. 1D6 - only one outcome possible. Yes, you guessed it. Warrior survives with a bump and a scratch underneath!

We just rolled over an IED, didn't we

The Warrior starts to rock-and-roll, catching the last major Taliban team in the centre of town in an alleyway. Some exchange of fire (again, the Warrior is lucky that the RPG fire is inaccurate) results in a much depleted group of Taliban.

Warrior catches Taliban in alleyway

That same group of Taliban are next picked upon by the WMIK, but they give as good as they get and the WMIK is immobilised and the crew bailout. One of the crewmen is killed in the next firefight, by a Taliban group which has just arrived from the outlying poppy fields.

WMIK crew bailout

What happens next is not their finest hour. A fireteam attempt to breach a house, in which the trigger man setting off the IEDs has been spotted. The first attempt fails, as the door appears to be locked and barricaded from the inside. The second attempt fails due to an unwillingness to close (the squaddies are sure the stairs are booby-trapped)

Attempting to close-assault house

The Warrior's attempt to protect the flank doesn't go well - it meets a roadblock which it fails to push through - it's stuck in the middle of an alleyway for a minute.

Roadblock causes delay

When finally the house is assaulted, the IED team does a runner and escapes!
With none of the column off board and several fatalities, this is a marginal Taliban victory

*Apologies for the highly original scenario name - I will try harder next time!


  1. You have some lovely scenery and figures, good game report, apologies for not visiting more often as I forgot to put you on my blogroll, have remedied that now.

  2. Damn that Gorman - too much emphasis on the butcher and not enough on the bolt.

  3. Thanks guys.
    Gorman does have a history of delaying when playing the relief column though

  4. I love your AARs mate. Please, let's see more of them!!


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