13 March, 2011

GW Pertinent

GW  Pertinent is running a competition over here

Of course that Old School Dark Angels Captain looks like the normal one to me - but that just shows you how long I've been out of the loop in 40K!
The main point for me is that every blogger needs a bit of feedback (even if they protest and say they enjoy blogging for themselves) and to become a living blog with a real voice some interaction with their audience is necessary.

Here are my three picks:


There's some model customisation on these new Space Hulk Terminators, but the really interesting part is the bases. Using bits and pieces from just about anything (I suspect spare bits off sprues and vehicle kits - probably even the sprues themselves!

Anyway this just shows that with a bit of imagination you can really add some nice detail to models - really looking forward to seeing how they paint up and suit the boards themselves

Travel Hulk

I must admit a certain mix of nostalgia/angst at seeing this. I mean I thought of this years ago! I even coined the phrase "Travel Hulk".

Great to see someone finally implemented the dream though - really nice painted jobs and I like the blips.

Post-Apocalypse Konflikt
This setup from Konflikt Terrain is just fantastic - definitely going to look him up. It'd suit any kind of post-apocalyptic or even old industrial setting.

Those posters and such are great flavour for 40K, especially that "Invictus! The Bolter and Chainsword" one.

Anyway, I hope you click through to some of these links, some really nice stuff over there.


  1. Great picks. Travel space hulk is frequently one of the top search phrases on google to make it to my blog. Konflikt Terrain can be found here.

  2. OK, thanks for the heads up, I do agree though.

  3. Thanks for the link Tristan - I've updated the post now with it.


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