07 March, 2011

Person of Interest

At short notice, wrote up and ran a Force-on-Force campaign  at Leprecon at the weekend.

Intelligence assets have identified a senior Al-Qaeda figure hiding out in Garmsir. A cordon has been thrown around the area, and a platoon of Royal Marines has been sent in to capture the person-of-interest.

Technical approaching town speeds ahead of group of fighters as news of British approach hits radio

Technical approaching town

DShk overlooks Poppy Fields through which main British advance is expected. This is worrying, but they fail to react to a British fire team racing across open ground in time.

DShk overlooks Poppy Fields

Taliban hold firm, occupying compound and outlying wall - the heavy machine gun team have been wiped out from the lower level of the compound

Taliban hold firm

Taliban occupy Tomb to engage British flanking attempt. The British dog team survive a torrent of fire from the smaller house and race behind a rocky outcrop. The GPMG team intervenes to suppress the Taliban group.

Taliban occupy Tomb

British fireteam in centre of village spots Taliban leader about to escape in technical. The Toyota takes a lot of fire from both sides and crew are beaten back from .50 cal. This team is slowed down as Lieutenant Cockburn was shot and wounded as they exited the poppy fields.

British spot Taliban leader about to escape

British surprised by sudden assault as Taliban erupt from tunnel nearby. The close combat results in serious wounds for one Royal Marine.

British surprised by sudden assault

Last ditch attempt to delay pursuit fails as point-blank RPG fire hurtles harmlessly over British heads!

Last ditch attempt to delay pursuit

British forced to open fire on Taliban leader as he legs it, and though they fail to capture him, Taliban have been swept aside in this area.

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