19 February, 2012

My Favourite Figures: #4, #3, #2 & #1

I know, you've been beside yourself waiting for the remainder of the countdown  to conclude my two posts from January, here are the top four figures in my collection.

Uncommon Valour

This is from Britannia's Downed Aircrew pack in their Vietnam range (though I've used them in my modern games as well). This particular figure has tonnes of personality. With torn flight suit and a bandaged head, he's down to his pistol and still full of fight!

God of War

Originally I didn't intend to include any vehicles, but another look at this Titan made me change my mind. This relatively old school Warlord titan brings back memories.

Fine Whiskers
Foundry's Darkest Africa range is full of these sorts of figures, and this explorer's whiskers are his most potent weapon in facing down revanchist tribes (or even clever raptors)

C'Mon Buddy

I'll just repeat my post on Santa Cruz Warhammer:

A year or so ago I raised the issue on my blog of using casualty figures in games, irrespective or scale or period - and there was a lot of support for their use. In modern games especially, though also in some sci-fi games like Stargrunt or Tomorrow's War, treatment and escorting of casualties is an important aspect. Sometimes the rescue of a wounded soldier represents the main objective of a scenario (and I am a scenario-driven wargamer to the bone!). Keeping track of who's been wounded or killed can be important if your favourite system doesn't just remove figures entirely.

I use this particular figure (or pair of figures really) as the centre-point for a few scenarios; there's something quite emotive about them. A soldier supporting a wounded comrade - probably sacrificing combat effectiveness to care for his buddy.

I'm not going to suggest that every wargame needs a heavy dose of stark realism, but I hope there's room for this sort of mini-vignette in a one-off game.

The wounded model with comrade is from Britannia Miniatures 20mm Afghanistan range of Americans.

Hope you enjoyed this brief indulgence of mine. Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. I realy enjoyed this series. How about you show us some more of your favorites?

    1. Thanks - glad you enjoyed it. You interested in more figures or a broader view (movies/books etc.)

  2. That Titan is proper old school, not "relatively" old school.

    Love that moustachioed explorer model. The 'tache is of course impressive, but the whole pose is fantastic.

  3. Gotta say, the 'stache on number three is fairly epic. In this world of rising tin costs, that thing's a premium!

    I'd like to more in a similar series too, a broader view sounds pretty cool, but I'm hooked to pretty much anything posted here so whatever you choose to go with is cool by me.

  4. @Mr.E: I think he's a Space Marine titan and not from the Adeptus Titanicus box if that makes a difference!
    @Mik: Maybe a books/movies etc. series of Top Tens...


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