25 February, 2012

Please Advise

An American contractor has been captured and is being used as an unwilling technical advisor on use of The Package. A small group of elite operators is sent in to rescue him – should the Azeri militia be taught a harsh lesson it would be considered a bonus.

It's evening time and it looks like rush hour near the militia compound

Crosstown Traffic

The four-man Delta team moves in, choosing to move along the main street

Delta move in

Militia sentries are posted all around the area and Delta take to the rooftop to get cover while attempting to establish fire superiority

Rebel security

The hostage has been moved recently, so that Delta don't have exact intelligence on which building he's being kept in.

Hostage is moved

Rooftop sentries in the largest building open fire on the Delta team and come off second best

Rooftop sentries spot Delta

Militia units begin to converge on Delta and while Delta are winning each firefight they are now bogged down

Rebel forces converge

When evening commuters nearby turn out to be two armed militia volunteers things go badly off the rails for Delta

Evening commuters

All of the Delta operators are casualties in the ensuing firefight, they have dished out an enormous amount of punishment to the Militia units but without anyone nearby to come to their aid it's a major militia victory!

So, after a coffee and some discussion on what went wrong (I reckon that they were used too similarly to what a conventional fireteam would have done (albeit with support). The key to this kind of special operation is to move fast and overwhelm the enemy before they can react.
We set up and go again.

With the Delta team keeping off the main road and rushing up the back alleyway, the militia unit at the far side of the compound takes up position at the corner of the wall near the front gate
As it does so, a heliborne sniper comes on station in support of Delta, but the chopper is sent packing by some brilliant shooting by the GPMG gunner in the militia cell

Flanking move

Running towards the compound wall, dusk turns to night and suddenly the militia feel very isolated and vulnerable (Delta have night-vision devices)

Towards compound wall

Trying to close the distance one militia unit settles down at the doorway to the smaller building inside the compound and engages Delta at point blank

Point blank encounter

Militia sentries close in on the Delta position. The men near the front of the compound keep getting back into the fight (Delta suspect that they may be on PCP, or have body armour underneath their fatigues). Radio chatter suggests that a Person of Interest (possibly a new Militia leader or foreign advisor) is also inside the compound

Overhead view

The initiative has turned in the militia's favour and Delta are virtually pinned down behind that compound wall. With time running out Delta take the risk of splitting into two-man teams with one breaching the wall and the other giving covering fire

Breaching wall

Entering the first building they face off against a lone rebel holding the technician hostage. They shot him easily (though the rebel foolishly turned the gun on them rather than the hostage when they rushed through the doorway)

Hostage stand off

Despite the attention of a civilian they bundle into the (pre-arranged) escape vehicle and escape just in the nick of time.


The Package is still out their somewhere, but US interference will probably be minimal. Delta didn't have the time to pursue the Person of Interest, but the Azerbaijan military should be able to deal with things from here on.


  1. Great report. Sounds like the SOF guys had a hard time of it both rounds.

    Love the NVG and thermal effect with the pictures. Never seen that done on a blog before. Brilliant.

  2. We got it the second time around!

    Great beard acting on that fellow.

  3. Great batrep and love the special effects on the pics!!

  4. Thanks all!
    Flickr have an integral picture editing suite (Picnik if I recall correctly) which has lots of effects available - the Night Vision one was planned, the thermal one just occured to me at the time, since it's the only inside shot from the game.

  5. Nice report! Interrsting little campaing (or start of one?). Question, I'd like to run similar in our Club, do you have any scenarios for this, or is it from some source, other than your imagination? Best, Juha.

  6. Hi Juha,
    Thanks for the compliment.
    This is part of a small campaign I played a while back. Look for 'Eyes On' and I'll be posting some photos from 'The Package' here tonight for you. All fictitious scenarios from my imagination.
    I'm hoping that the scenarios will be available later on this year - you'll see some news on that here sooner rather than later

    P.S. Just had a look at your blog, very impressive work (though my Finnish isn't very good!) - your miniatures and terrain are top class.

    1. Hi, yes I've been following previous parts of the campaign and eager for more. We run also short campaigns in our Club, this would fit nicely in. Looking forward the scenarios!

      Thanks for the compliment, too! I've been following tour blog for since we started FoF gaming last August, it's been an inspiration to us.

      Your terrain and tables are very nice too! Sometimes I ponder, should I post something in English...

    2. Hi Donogh, back to this. I'm going to have series of demo games of FoF at the middle of the June for a group of wargamers. I'd like to run this your Package scenario set as one option for demo. Would it be possible to give me some advise how to set the games, if not even the set scenarios?


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