15 February, 2012

Task Force Shoemaker - Scenarios

These three linked scenarios allow you to play out actual engagements from May 1970 in Cambodia. As it happened many of the engagements in this incursion from Vietnam were against the NVA and not the Viet Cong, and furthermore they weren't contested as fiercely as the setups allow for. These changes have been made to allow for the restraints of my collection and for playability.

Vietnamese forces had been using eastern Cambodia as safe havens to rest and recuperate without fear of American and ARVN attacks. Transporting materiel down the Sihanouk Trail these areas also served and supply bases.
On 30th April 1970 President Nixon announced his decision to launch American forces into Cambodia with the special objective of capturing "the headquarters of the entire communist military operation in South Vietnam."
While ARVN forces in the south fixed the enemy’s attention, Task Force Shoemaker including the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment would drive forward to cut off and capture the elusive enemy headquarters while destroying enemy forces and equipment.

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Anyone wanting to read more can get a quick overview in Chapter VII of the CMH study Mounted Combat in Vietnam or can read Keith Nolan's excellent book Into Cambodia: Spring Campaign, Summer Offensive 1970

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