09 February, 2012

Strike Force Contest

Over the last while Ambush Alley Games have been running a painting competition for Tomorrow's War. Didn't get to enter myself, too much on my plate in January, but you'll see the strike force I nearly finished at Leprecon...

They've just announced the two main winners, but still have to determine the Fan Favourite - which is where we come in. Looking at the host of entries I found it quite difficult to just pick one and was amassing a one-stop shop to compare and contrast when I thought why not share my efforts:

Here's the sub-forum with all the entries. I'm showing a single photo from each entry along with a link to see all of them along with any fluff written on the unit's background. I recommend you take a further look before you vote here

2nd Light Desert Infantry

Kampfgruppe Steiner

Nirs Empire Exploratory Force

ESU Strike Force

Strike Force Call Sign: Stin Liska (Shadow Fox)

British Territorial Army on Solent

Colonial Militia

New Israeli Recon Team, Operating on Planet Garden

2nd PLT, A CO 1-143 Infantry Regiment (Airborne)

142nd Marine Expeditionary Unit

FuturKom "Strike Force"

Gün Schwarm 210th Korps

Guavan Defence Force

Operation Eden: Task Force Sector 7-9 (AKA "Marsh Hounds")

Markham's Skybolts

Drop Zone Aegis (DZA)

39th Gemini Orbital Rangers (The "Gorillas")

Blackmoore's Dragoons

Fallout Force

The Unfortunate Gentlemen

4-31st Infantry - "The Polar Bears"

And the winners?

1st Place
Neo Sov Rebels

2nd Place

Well done to both winners, and to all those who entered - some fantastic stuff there I think you'll agree


  1. These are definitely some amazing entries. When are those Jasmine Throne figs going to be released, they look awesome.

  2. They are very nice, aren't they Mik!
    Can't see when they might be released though...


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