12 September, 2013

Tecala Rescue - Redux

Later at Hobocon, I ran the Tecala Rescue scenario a second time

With a more experienced hand running the rescue operation, things began better...

Thorne makes his way quietly up to Peter's house, without drawing the attention of the nearby rebels
Dino and friend make their way to the farmhouse, surprising the two guards
As the main group of rebels realised things are afoot, their leader urges them to get moving quickly
Thorne takes Peter out the back route, gunning down a lone rebel who was just delivering breakfast
The two main rebel groups come under concerted fire from Downtown, whose accurate overwatch knocks some of their confidence out of them
Another rebel stroller on the upper path surprises Thorne forcing the pair to stick to cover on the other (more dangerous) side of the path
Dino lays down some more suppressive fire but makes for the LZ as soon as he's rescued Calitri
Peter's limp is a lot worse than previously thought, even Thorne's expert handling can't force him to move very fast. As Thorne and Peter cross the open ground towards the Uptown slope and the safety of the LZ, they take fire.
Thorne is hit, and Peter looks around helplessly as the rebels close in
Just in time, the rest of the Downtown team arrive to drive the rebels back and they make contact with Peter and Thorne.
Despite their best efforts, Thorne was found to be dead and they retreated with Peter to nearby cover, but the fire from the rebels overwhelms the two operators, and Peter is recaptured
Alas, another 8-11 loss for the rescue team, though they can probably feel aggrieved at the straight sequence of SNAFUs going against them, as well as the '1' on Thorne's first aid check.

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  1. Fate was against him. A well received game by all accounts.


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