20 September, 2013

Battle of Talavera

One from the archives...played at Gaelcon last year where the esteemable Conrad Kinch ran the double-sized game every day for the baying crowds. As soon as I was finished running my game, I scarpered over to my next door neighbour. On the Saturday I played the centre and overall commander of the French.

The Battle of Talavera (27–28 July 1809) was fought just outside the town of Talavera de la Reina, some 120 kilometers southwest of Madrid, during the Peninsular War in Spain. At Talavera an Anglo-Spanish army under Sir Arthur Wellesley combined with a Spanish army under General Cuesta in operations against  the Grande Armée.

The armies arrayed at Talavera; the French cavalry nearest need to be restrained!
The French advance in the centre - beyond you can see the redoubt, occupied by artillery and supported by infantry
The Irish manoeuvre amongst the woods to harass the British line
Dressing lines in preparation for the advance on the redoubt
The French assault goes in - much to the dismay of the British defenders the French seem able to bring their entire force to bear on them in one feel swoop
Breaking through the Allied line - not only have they shattered several defending regiments, they've taken the guns in the redoubt
A stern British counter-attack is mounted
To the left of centre, the French see off the Spanish infantry nearby
A Forlorn Hope - this lone French regiment is beset on all sides
The Highlanders retake the redoubt!
Brave Hussars try to make headway against the French in support of the Spanish right
Across the river cavalry battle in the distance
The French are under pressure from those Hussars - they spoil attempts by the French to reinforce their centre
Nothing can hold back the Scots
The Highlanders laying about them; they have exacted some revenge for their dead comrades at least
The British left advance beyond the redoubt - their attempts to bring the French to grips are for nought
The British advance further on their left flank - but the French throw them back across the river and the French are victorious!
M. Gorman has been command of a British Division, it's the best way M. Kinch knows to deny the French victory, but it has not been a successful gambit - despite his absence the French use of his favourite tactic (a forced march followed by a bayonet charge) has brought them victory!
Report from the second game will be along soon...


  1. I had command of a Spanish Division on the allied right that day.

    Forced March followed by Bayonet Charge is a classic example of my favorite plan draw better cards roll better dice


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