05 September, 2013

The Hunt - Teaser

A previously unknown warlord has captured two American agents in the port of Zanzibar. A squad of hand-picked Marines is sent ashore and deep into the jungle to rescue them and hunt down the gang of pirates. But in the high African summer, a more dangerous adversary stalks the Devil Dogs…

Play out their daring raid on the pirate fort and a breakneck escape to the waiting boats as the hunters become the hunted.

I'll be running this three-part campaign at Gaelcon at the end of October.


  1. I am curious about the photo. Are they American soldiers who joined with filipino guerillas? Some did refusing to surrender. neat pic.

    1. I believe it's of Marines campaigning in Nicaragua with a local guide.
      I think the presence of the Thompson SMG means it can't be during the war or Moro Rebellion in the Philippines.
      If you can recommend any good sources I'd love to hear them, I haven't read much on it


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