30 September, 2013

Battle of Talavera - Redux

Having decided that I was not to be trusted with the French I was assigned to the British and Spanish allied force on Sunday

Surely I wouldn't have the temerity to cause much trouble from the other side...

Highlanders march into the jaws of death
British cavalry surges forward on the far left
The Drogheda Cossacks upset the French
Sweeping around the cavalry they take the fight to the French infantry crossing the stream

The lone French regiment are surrounded, their compatriots having been driven from the field
Back in the centre, the French make a strong advance towards the river
The Halderdiers try to hold them back
The Spanish hold firm in the centre, with the Hussars held in reserve
The Spanish advance on the right
Sending the French cavalry back to lick their wounds
French dead litter the river bed, while General Ruffin escapes with his life!
The Spanish turn back a last-gasp French attack, led personally by Sebastiani
This overwhelming British charge sees the Allies victorious

The victorious allied generals!
Needless to say, we swept the French from the field with their tail between their legs! Dare I add that I played again on the following day to another victory!

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