13 July, 2011

Contest #1 - Winner!

And we have a winner!

Just three entrants (but maybe the American Civil War isn't as popular as I thought...)

Anyway, here they are

1. The Belgian of Wargame News and Terrain
The officer of the 15th Ironclad prepares for Victorian Sci-Fi adventures (though his pistol looks more flintlock to my prejudices)

2. Kron of Sabre and the Dice
I must admit, Necromancer Bob looks pretty evil! I was sure he'd go with his urban camo Valkyrie.

3. Mik of Mik's Minis
Mik convinced his wife to paint up these Orlock Juves! Rather good for a first effort you must admit.

I assigned numbers 1-6 to the three guys and then had my daughter roll the die
*drum roll*

Congrats to Mik and thanks to all three. Leave a comment with your e-mail Mik and I'll contact you to arrange details.

Contest #2 will be announced tomorrow and will hopefully appeal to more people...


  1. I would have entered if it wasn't for not finding out about it till pretty late and lack of camera at the moment haha.
    Ah well next time.
    Congrats Mik!

  2. Same as Warflake + no interest in ACW (I'm sure you've got some modern stuff you don't like héhé ;D)

  3. @Warflake - stay tuned, you'll have your chance
    @Ulu - ditto; I don't think I have any painted modern stuff I'm can get rid of :P

  4. Great drawing movie! And yes the miniature isn't really suited for the period but I needed a captain so this guy was pressed in action :p


  5. Christ you miss a post and the world goes to hell, will try better for the next one.

  6. Christ you miss a post and the world goes to hell, will try for next contest.

  7. Hum, seems to me that you said to your daughter : throw the dice on the FOUR. ^^

  8. @The Belgian - well it's VSF so there's plenty of explanations as to why this new powerful weapon uses a flintlock-style mechanism
    @Fran - How did you miss a Calvin & Hobbes-led post!
    @Ulu - now I must experiment! I could bottle that ability and sell it


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